Dreams Don't Come True, They're Made True

It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams and Forget To Live
— Albus Dumbledore

We’ve all been told to dream big and aspire to be everything we could imagine. An architect, doctor, maybe an actress, but nothing comes easy, it takes years of practice and work that goes unseen.

Our idols and the leading figures in any industry went through trials, failures, triumphs, redirections and revelations. But the key to their success, aside from their ambition and vision for something greater, was action.

It seems so simple and obvious right?

Well honestly, it is and it isn’t. We all know that our dreams aren’t going to magically become reality over a good night’s rest and wishful thinking, but we’ve all also let that fall by the wayside and spent time reveling in our daydreams and fantasies. I’m here to let you know, that’s okay! Daydreaming and visualizing our ideal reality is perfectly normal, and really, it helps us redefine goals as we make steps toward our success.

But it can’t end there! 

Envisioning our ideal future is helpful, but if it’s not a fuel to your internal fire that motivates you to take action, then it’s not useful.

I’ll be the first to admit that I spend time visualizing and manifesting my goals, yet for every moment I spend in the clouds and down the corridors of imagination, I also spend the same amount of time, and occasionally too much, making and carrying out my plans so that I make tangible steps toward my goals. 

 know what you’re thinking. “Okay Kim, that’s great for you but how do I start?”

Stop fretting! The steps we take toward success don’t have to be monumental all the time. Sometimes we just need to make that one step to begin our forward drive to the finish line. At the start, don’t worry about the big obstacles in your way, they’ll still be there as you work. Instead, make a list and focus on the steps you can plan out and achieve every day.

Maybe it’s as simple as coming up with five blog topics throughout the work week, and your next step is outlining your blog topics. Then your third week is spent writing a blog per day, and before you know it, you’ve created your own content for the next month, allowing you to free your mind and focus on the next tasks! 

The important thing to always keep in mind is the absolute necessity to make tangible steps toward your end goals. Some days, it will feel like you’re spinning wheels and others you’ll feel on top of the world—trust me I’ve been on both ends. Staying focused and encouraged is going to be your biggest asset and obstacle in making your dreams come true, but if you stick with it, they WILL come true because you made them true.

Like all the Harry Potter fans and Ferris Bueller fanatics know, dreaming and fantasizing is great and it can really let you envision the life you want, but if you spend too much time in your mind, life will pass you by and your dreams will stay just that—dreams.

So pick up your pen, crack open your new planner and start setting goals! Don’t fall victim to dreaming on your desires, recognize them and start turning your reality into your ideal.