My CBD Experience

Holistic health solutions are all the rage right now, and rightfully so as we try to move toward healthier ways of caring for ourselves. Whether it’s lavender essential oil or cat’s claw capsules, there’s something for everyone, and CBD oils, tinctures and flowers are no exception.

While it’s been used for years, CBD has exploded in popularity in recent years, and naturally, its benefits are great for anyone suffering from any number of symptoms. Though for those of us dealing with chronic health issues, it's truly an amazing asset in your healing.

Now I know, you have tons of questions, but let’s start with the basics first.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis, and hemp-based CBD has ZERO psychoactive effects for anyone who uses it, making it perfect for those of us using it to alleviate symptoms.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How do we know this isn’t just another hyped up holistic solution?

Well while it has just recently seemed to explode in popularity, hemp-based CBD oil has been around for decades and used in helping patients with MS, epilepsy, alcoholism, chronic pain, Lyme Disease, arthritis, and a list of illnesses and issues. From severe chronic pain and ailments to menstrual pain, depression and inflammation, CBD has shown time and again to significantly help ease symptoms with regular use.

So how do we know which brands are trustworthy? Is there a difference?

Well I can’t claim to be an expert across the board, but at my doctor’s recommendation, I took it upon myself to look into CBD and try it out.


After looking around, CBD Bio Naturals actually reached out to me and sent a courtesy sample of their hemp-based product. The company’s Colorado-farms adhere to the state’s strict organic farming practices–meaning it’s free of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, which I absolutely commend as someone with a chronic illness.

Coupled with that, their commitment to “Good Manufacturing Practices” means they manufacture of their products with high standards and test for yeast, mold, heavy metals and solvents––this is literally one of the greatest standards and should be instituted everywhere. As someone who has, and still does, detox heavy metals, combats mold and monitors all of my household products and foods for these, I absolutely love that they commit themselves to that level.

So I know what you’re wondering. How was the experience with CBD?

Given that it was shipped out and arrived in about two days, I have to say that I felt comfortable with how fresh the product was–knowing it wasn’t in transit and exposed to the elements for an extended period.


After it arrived, I used the hemp-based CBD for about 2 ½ weeks in the morning and in the evening. Overall, I can’t readily say that I saw any of my symptoms dramatically improve to the point of miracle cures and healing I’ve read about online, but I can say that my body felt more relaxed and less stimulated by the normal day-to-day events that cause reactions because of my Lyme Disease and adrenal fatigue. Loud, sudden sounds and obstinate bright lights didn’t send my system into as quick of an overload as they usually trigger, and if you have a chronic illness, you know that any alleviation, no matter how slight, is a definite win.

Along with that, given that it was hemp-based CBD I’m grateful that I could take it knowing that it for sure wouldn’t cause any psychoactive effects or negative interactions with my regular regimen of supplements—allowing me to enjoy those benefits alongside my treatment supplements from Vital Plan.

So, would I try it again?

I suppose I would, and maybe next time I would continue to administer it over a longer period of time or with a varying strength. Was it worth it? The benefits, albeit slight, are always rewarding when you’re living with, treating and healing a chronic illness. Though the miracle cures and rapid symptom recovery I hear about and see on Facebook aren’t what I experienced, and trust me, I would absolutely have manifested and “placeboed” it into being if possible.

I can say that it was incredibly insightful to scour the internet and see the overwhelming abundance of CBD companies that are arising today, and while it’s encouraging to see holistic companies coming to the forefront of the health movement, I’m also ever-questioning in wanting to ensure that we don’t see a good thing become tainted by companies seeking to piggyback on what could be a great shift coming about in healthcare.

Did you have an experience with CBD or do you have tips, favorite brands, or suggestions for the next time I decide to try it?

Leave me a comment, let me know your thoughts and let’s start this discussion on quality care in our community!