About ME:

First and foremost, thank you for visiting Not A Basic Life! This site, like my life, is a perpetual work in progress.

What does that mean exactly? 

It means my work—like my life as a mother, friend, entrepreneur and general human being—is always
improving. I'm an adamant believer that you and your life don't have to be perfect, you just have to improve and be a better you than you were yesterday. 

So what can you expect from me and Not A Basic Life? 

Where do I even begin?! 

From motherhood and entrepreneurship to living with a chronic illness and finding your authentic self after dramatic, life-changing events, I plan to cover it all and join you as a partner in your personal journey toward being the best version of yourself that the world deserves.

Whether it's perspective and encouragement from a fellow female entrepreneur—replete with permission to take a break and binge that Netflix or Hulu series you love—or tips on thriving in life both personally and professionally despite a chronic illness, we are going to go through it all together. 

Today, you've made a lifelong friend, dedicated advocate, and personal sounding board for all things personal and professional. As we go through this, we're going to elevate each other, build our tribe and shape our future to lead extraordinary lives. This is Not A Basic Life. 


After 10 years in journalism, digital media marketing and consulting for various companies on the west coast, I developed a passion for helping entrepreneurs and individuals create and nurture their online voice and brands.

My desire to reach audiences on a personal level comes from years of travel and time spent as a lifestyle blogger and professional photographer where it was (painfully) obvious at times that my own upbringing and lack of skills and tools in the real world was an challenge I would have to overcome by sharing my story, building connections and helping anyone else like myself.

When I'm not "trying" to meditate or trying to navigate work and the chaotic world of mothering two teens, I spend my time as a personal branding and transition coach specializing in working with those who are looking to identify and cultivate a new presence after making a major shift or gone through a major change.

With 15 yrs of social media, writing and speaking experience and pulling from my own life and mentors, I have worked with hundreds of people during their transitions; creating a reputation for helping others to find their authentic calling by overcoming fear, adversity and mis-direction in establishing a presence, whether in life or online. 

My experience ranges from growing up in deep south Mississippi working chicken farms on native reservations to working in journalism, being published in hundreds of publications, having my own web show and popular blog writing for Martha Stewart and various online sites; finally landing in brand consulting and identity coaching.

In my spare time, I like to sage my house while listening to hip hop music and watching random youtube videos with my teenagers. 

Little bit Oprah, a little Stevie Nicks with a little bit Britney Spears. 

My hobbies include karaoke and doing Facebook quizzes to find out what my spirit animal is. 

I am really good at pictionary and finding tacos in any city but my less exciting, more extensive work has been featured in The Salt Lake TribuneChicago Sun TimesMartha Stewart Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Redbook Magazine, and various online blogs.

One of my proudest moments was being awarded the “2014 Compassionate Speaker of the Year” by the Rainier Women’s League in Seattle because it gave me the courage to use my platform to find others like myself and take this journey through non-basic lives together.

It is my hope to educate and empowering people's personal ambitions by providing a place where everyone feels they belong. 

Let this be your place. And just like life, it might be a little messy and strange but it's always beautiful. 


If you're interested in coaching aka changing your life and the world at large? Contact Not A Basic Life and let's start working together to make your purpose and voice matter by sharing your own "not a basic" life.